2024 Copper Hills Lacrosse Season Stream Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to get seen and make some money for yourself and your team.  Find some stream sponsors.

Basics:  Earn money, create community, and see the games live and on replay.  Everyone wins.


  • Athletes obtaining sponsorship will earn money and perks for themselves and their team
  • Each sponsorship supports Copper Hills Lacrosse and helps grow the game
  • Sponsors receive incredible recognition and grassroots access to a fantastic demographic
  • GOLS coverage includes multiple camera angles and full commentary of games
  • Parents, athletes, fans and sponsors love the engaging production
  • Athletes can be seen by college coaches, family and fans around the world
  • Parents can purchase professional game footage and highlight reels

2024 Copper Hills Lacrosse Season

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2024 Copper Hills Lacrosse

Week 1 – 

Week 1 –

Game Footage Orders

Individual game footage orders are available for purchase.

Click the button to order of 2024 Copper Hills Lacrosse boys games.

Highlight Reel Orders

Let Game On Live Studio do the work of scrubbing and editing your highlights into a professional reel from moments in the 2024 Copper Hills Lacrosse Season.


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